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Covid 19

 Covid 19 Notification Issued By Central State And Labour Etc
Email/ Letter To Client For Delay In Delivery Of Product Due To Covid 19
Email/ Letter To Client For Making Prompt Payment
Email/ Letter To Client Informing About Initiatives Taken By Company During Covid19
Email/ Letter To Client Informing Delay In Service Due To Covid 19
Email/ Letter To Employee For Notice Of Termination
Email/ Letter To Employee Informing Them About Company Insurance Covering Covid 19
 Email/ Letter To Employee Informing Them About Encashment About Epf
Email/ Letter To Vendor Asking For Discount
Email/ Letter To Vendor For Extention In Time To Make Payment
Email/ Letter To Vendor To Cancel Order
Email/ Notice To Client For Not Making Payment
Email/Letter To Employee For Consent To Reduce Salary/Allowance To Work From Home
Email/Letter To Employee For Reduction Of Salary
Email/Letter To Employee To Encash Paid Leave
Employee Sensitisation Letter/Email
Home Working – Guidelines for Employees
Home Working Agreement
 Home Working Application Form
Letter/Email For Extention Of Time To Pay Rent
Letter/Email To Landlord Request For Reduction Of Rent
Letter/Email To Landlord Request For Waiver Of Rent
Notice To Landlord For Office
Notification of Corona Virus
The Epidemic Diseases Act,1897
A translated copy of Notification COVID-19 Posters:

If One is Unwell
Avoid Touching
Wash Hands
Do Not Share
Social Distancing
Workplace Sanitation
Please proceed this way.
Alert authority if unwell.
Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
Do not ring the bell. Call the concerned person.
Clean hands, save lives.
Clean your hands before getting back to work.
Cover your mouth and nose.

Please act responsibly.
Covid 19 screening.
Spitting could be dangerous.
Do not enter if unwell.
Do not share personal items.
Do not touch lift walls.
Do not touch the handrails.
Gloves and masks are needed beyond this point.
Handshake-free zone.
Please maintain physical distance.
Limited entry in the lift.
The line starts here.

Maintain distance while parking.
Thanks for practicing Social Distancing.
Masks are required beyond this point.
No visitors are allowed due to health safety.
Please clean your hands after using the lift.
Please collect your masks here.
Please drop me off at this point.
Please exercise extra caution.
Please sanitize your work area regularly,
Please use hand sanitizer before entering.
Please wash your hands before returning to work.
Proper PPE is required beyond this point.
Protect others from getting sick.
Sanitize your hands here.
The sink is for hand washing only.
Spitting in public is a health hazard.
Stay home if you feel unwell.
Temperature check mandatory.
Temperature check station.
Temporarily closed.
Please practice social distancing.
This dustbin is for disposing of medical gear.
Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately.
Virus outbreak. Proceed with caution.
Wait here until asked to step forward.
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
We are open. Order by phone and email only.
We are open. Take away and delivery only.
We are permanently closed.
We are temporarily closed.
We will bring your order to your car.

Business Plan

Accountancy Firm Business Plan Template
Business Consulting Business Plan
Digital Marketing Business Plan Template
HR Consulting Business Plan Template
Interior Design Business Plan
Manufacturing Business Plan Template
Photography Marketing Plan Template
Production Company Business Plan
Quarterly Business Plan Template
Realtor Business Plan
Business Plan Guidelines
Retail Business Plan Template
T-Shirt Company Business Plan Template
Tour Operator Business Plan
Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template
Website Design And Development Business Plan Template
Wedding Photography Business Plan
Youtube Marketing Plan Template
Computer Support Business Plan Template
Database Software Business Plan
Simple Construction Business Plan
IT Consulting Business Plan Template
IT Security Business Plan Template
Logistics Business Plan Template
Modern Business Plan Template
Software Company Business Plan Template
Software Sales Business Plan Template
Software Testing Business Plan Template
Web Design & Development Business Plan Template




 Accounting Agreement
Addendum To Rent Agreement
Advertising Agency Agreement
Affidavit Of Identity
Affidavit Of Title
Agreement Between Carrier And Shipper
Agreement Between Owner And Contractor
Agreement For Chairman Of Board Of Directors
Agreement For Outsourcing Call Center
Agreement For Permission To Sublet
Agreement Of Sale Of Immovable Property
Agreement To Compromise Debt
Agreement To Extend Debt Payment
Agreement To Lease
Advertising Sales Representation Agreement
Agreement Between Independent Contractor And Service Provider
Appointment Letter – Internal Auditor
Appointment Letter Of Attorney
Appointment Letter Of Chartered Accountant
Appointment Of Statutory Auditor
Appointment Of Tax Auditor
Assets Purchase Agreement
Authority Letters
Application Of Zoning Variance
Appointment Letter For Non-Executive Independent Director
Arbitration Agreement
Artist Agent Agreement
Asset Purchase Agreement Retail Store
Assets Sale Agreement
Assignment Of Accounts Receivable With Recourse
Assignment Of Contract To Sell Real Estate
Assignment Of Lease By Lessee With Consent Of Lessor
Assignment Of Money Due
Assignment Of Mortgage
Assignment Of Real Estate Contract
Assignment Of Share
Assignment Of Sublease
Bill Of Sale (With Encumbrances)
Beta Test Non-Disclosure Agreement
Branch Manager Agreement
Business Transfer Agreement
Booking Agreement
Bulk Sale Contract
Business Confidentiality Agreement
Business Operating Agreement
Bylaws Of A Non-Profit Corporation
Canteen Agreement
Client Confidentiality Agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement
Commercial Pledge Equipment And Machinery
Compromise Disputed Account Agreement
Computer Rental Agreement

Computer Services Agreement
Conditional Sale Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
Continuing Guarantee
Contract Of Sale Of Commercial Property Template
Consultant Non- Disclosureconfidentiality Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Convertible Debenture Purchase Agreement
Dealership Contract
Debenture Trust Deed
Deed For Modification Of The Terms Of The Lease
Deed Of Trust
Development Agreement
Distribution Agreement
Employee Offer Letter
Employment Agreement
Equipment Lease Agreement
Equipment And Leasehold Improvements Lease Agreement
Equipment License Agreement
Equipment Purchase Agreement
Equipment Sale Agreement
Equipment Maintenance Agreement
Escrow Agreement
Eviction Notice
Extension Of Lease
Forbearance Agreement
Lease Cancellation Agreement

Founder Agreement
Franchise Agreement
Freelance Contract
Genral Power Of Attorney

Guaranty Of Lease
Hypothec On Movables
Importer Agreement
Instalment Payment Agreement
Internal Service Level Agreement
Intern-Offer-Letter Agreement
Interview Guide
Irrevocable Proxy
It Systems
Joint Venture Agreement
Lease Cancellation Agreement
Letter Of Appointment
Letter Of Appointment For Advertising Agency
Letter Of Appointment For Architect
Letter Of Appointment For Broker
Letter Of Appointment For Business Partner
Letter Of Appointment For C&F Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Customer Support Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Director
Letter Of Appointment For Employment Agency
Letter Of Appointment For Executive Director
Letter Of Appointment For Finance Consultant
Letter Of Appointment For Franchisee Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Freelancer
Letter Of Appointment For Freight Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Housekeeping Services Vendor
Letter Of Appointment For Investment Manager
Letter Of Appointment For Logistics Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Manufacturing Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Marketing Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Marketplace Management Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Merchant Banker
Letter Of Appointment For Non-Executive Director
Letter Of Appointment For Principal Contractor
Letter Of Appointment For Product Consultant
Letter Of Appointment For Sole Selling Agent For Negotiating Contracts
Letter Of Appointment For Sole Selling Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Sub-Contractor
Letter Of Appointment For Vendor
Letter Of Appointment For Web Development Partner
Letter Of Intent
Letter Of Assignment Of Accounts Receivable With Non-Recourse
Letter To Bank
License Agreement
License To Use Agreement
License Agreement Non-Transferable And Non-Exclusive
License Agreement
License Agreement Exclusive And Non-Transferable_Right
License Agreement Install, Construct, Operate, Maintain
License Agreement Short Form
Limited Partnership Agreement
Limited Power Of Attorney
Llc Operating Agreement
Loan Agreement
Management Agreement
Management Services Agreement
Manufacturing Agreement
Marketing Agreement
Master Franchise Agreement
Merchandise Agreement
Memorandum Of Understanding
Month To Month Lease Agreement
Music License Agreement
Mutual Cancellation Of Lease
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
Mortgage Note
NOC For Visiting Abroad
NOC Letter Format For Department Change
NOC Letter Format For Job Change
NOC Letter Format For Studies
NOC Letter To Employee For Visa
NOC Competence And Non-Disclosure Agreement
Nondisclosure Agreement
Non Competence And Non-Disclosure Agreement
Note Purchase Agreement
Notice Of Rent Increase
Offer To Purchase Real Estate Property
Operating Agreement
Option To Purchase

Partnership Agreement
Partnership Business Agreement
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Patent License Agreement
Personal Guaranty
Product Distribution Agreement
Product Supply Agreement

Professional Services Agreement
Project Management Agreement
Promissory Note
Property Management Agreement
Publishing Agreement
Purchase Order
Purchasing Agent Agreement
Addendum To Agreement Of Sale
Contract For The Storage Of Goods
Exclusive Right To Sell Real Estate
Fulfillment Services Agreement
Line Of Credit Agreement
Merger Agreement.
Mortgage Deed Format
Sales Representative Agreement
Software Development And Publishing Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Software Maintenance Agreement
Website Non-Disclosure Agreement
Website Standard Terms And Conditions
Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement
Reciprocal License Agreement
Restrictive Covenants For Employment Agreements Template
Retainer Agreement
Resignation Letter
Revocable Proxy
Revocation Of Power Of Attorney
Right Of First Refusal
Sale Agreement
Sale Deed
Sales Contract Addendum
Settlement Agreement And Release Agreement
Settlement Agreement
Share Purchase Agreement
Standard Joint Development Agreement
Subcontract Agreement
Sales Agency Agreement
Security Installment Agreement
Senior Advisor Agreement
Share Holder Agreement
Share Transfer Agreement
Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Sales Agreement
Stock Subscription Agreement
Subordination Agreement
Terms Of Service Agreement
Privacy Policy
Terms & Condition
Teaming Agreement
Termination Of Lease Obligation
Trademark License Agreement
Visitor Non-Disclosure Agreement
Trademark Assignment Agreement
Travel Services Agreement
Unilateral Liability Release
Unlimited Guaranty
Unlimited Power Of Attorney
Vendor Agreement
Warehouse Agreement
Warning Notice For Attendance Issues
Warning Notice For General Behaviour Issues
Warning Notice For Misbehaviour On Specific Date-Occassion
Warning Notice For Performance Issues
Website Development Agreement
Website Maintenance Agreement
Affidavit Of Service
Balloon Note
Demand Note
Transfer Of Stock Certificate
Zero Tolerance Policy
Article Of Association
Ballon Note
Certificate Of Incorporation
Demand Note
Employment Contract
Noc Draft
Noc For Bank Account
Zero Tolerance Policy
Affidavit Of Service
Accountant Non-Disclosure Agreement
Administrative Services Agreement
Advertising And Marketing Agreement
Affiliate Program Agreement
Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Of Business Assets
Business Investment Agreement
Celebrity Non-Disclosure Agreement
Checklist Website Hosting Agreement
Client – Contractor Agreement
Co-Branding Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Customer Confidentiality Agreement
Data Purchase Agreement
Furniture Agreement
Renovation Agreement




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4000- Ready To Use  Business,  HR Documents, Letters, Policies
4000- Ready To Use Business, HR Documents, Letters, Policies


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